Custom Handmade Heirlooms


Most weddings are years in the making… from a proposal to the months of thinking about every detail of the big day itself.

Planners, couples and families plan, research, curate and dream about the wedding day and once it is all over, there are only two things left – the memories and the photographs – and photographs have a magical ability to preserve these most cherished memories.

To me, custom wedding albums are and always will be the ultimate end goal of my work to capture and curate the story of a couples wedding day. They are more than just a collection of their photographs – they are a vision come to life and are a tangible reminder of a love story!


The journey of creating a custom album for my clients is one of all time favourite things to do and is very much a collaborative process from start to finish to ensure wedding albums are a true reflection of personalities and style. We think about the colour palette of the wedding day, perhaps incorporating a beautiful quote foiled into the opening page, or often using custom monograms, embroidering colourful elements of the invitation suite or perhaps using the same ribbon from the tablescape to make albums truly representative of the couple.


At the heart of each and every commission whilst the style is always unique there is a timeless quality which will never go out of style! I have a huge appreciation for artisanship and intricately handmade albums. Unlike digital files, which can easily become outdated or lost, an album can be passed down as a family treasure, providing a connection to family history and be cherished as my couples build their legacy together.

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