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‘Beauty entrepreneur Irene Forte’s Sicilian wedding was an elegant, artisanal affair’ said Vogue, ‘the destination magically combined both familiarity and discovery for the couple, who has vacationed there since they met four years ago. The area is also home to the organic farm that produces ingredients for Irene’s line, as well as Verdura, a resort that’s part of her family’s hotel group.’

The ceremony was held in a Norman cathedral in the mountaintop medieval town of Caltabellotta. The town is built into the rock face and on the day of the wedding it was illuminated by traditional luminarie decorating the approach and beautiful Sicilian horses and carriages were ready to help on the piazza where the ceremony took place. Every detail had been thought of – I loved that the flowers throughout the day were chosen with symbolism in mind, including myrtle (love and fidelity), eucalyptus leaf (purity), olive branch (peace and victory), Speronella (Serenity), Clematis (ingenuity), and anemone (anticipation).

As the evening progressed fireworks surprised guests accompanied by classical music by Alfredo Vaccalluzzo and guests took to the dance floor!

Featured: VOGUE
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