Speaker at Soho House


‘What do a mindfulness guru, an international photographer and a doctor have in common? The Work-Life Balance Project brings together those who blur the lines between work and play. Camilla White, Director of digital at Leo Burnett London, sits down at Soho House with mindfulness guru Annie Clarke, international photographer Holly Clark and chartered psychologist and behaviour change expert for business leaders, Dr. Tilean, to discuss the business of happiness and how it can impact our careers and profitability’.

It was an honour to be invited onto this panel to speak to Soho House members about the tricky balance between business and happiness – something a lot of entrepreneurs encounter on a daily basis. The question we should first ask ourselves is what is happiness – this answer will be different for everyone. For me, it’s about balance – balancing life and it’s many facets – health, career, friends, family and having an everyday lifestyle that I enjoy. For some, happiness comes from having a hugely successful business but then are other areas of life suffering as a result? Being in a job you love, having an outlet for creativity, meeting kind, interesting people around the world, and capturing the most important moments in peoples lives gives me great joy. ┬áThe romantic, champagne-filtered, flower-filled Instagram life though is definitely not the everyday… and so the discussion begins…!


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