Natasha & Alex

Kings Observatory

After eight years, one civil ceremony, three postponed wedding dates, and two revised wedding locations later in Israel, Natasha and Alexander finally married on Halloween 2021 at Kew Gardens in London followed by a night under the stars at The King’s Observatory. The day was planned in just eight weeks and guests found themselves being transported for one night only into an enchanted world!

This unique venue was originally built in 1769 by King George III in order to observe the transit of the planet Venus across the face of the Sun – a rare celestial phenomenon that occurs just once a century. Natasha, who studied astrophysics at university, was immediately besotted with the history of this listed location, which, until now, had never been used as a wedding venue before. 

A glasshouse was constructed in the grounds and filled with pistachio trellis; spiral topiary trees intertwined with fairy lights; Roman statues, urns and pillars (which, fun fact, were used on the set of the film ‘Gladiators’); a tiered water fountain, all adorned with rambling roses and overgrown foliage that seem to have been flourishing there for decades.

All the stars had aligned and after a very memorable day, guests celebrated and danced until the early hours. Congratulations again Natasha and Alexander!

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Glasshouse La Coperture
Florist at Kew Gardens Bud Flora
Florist at Kings Observatory Tattie Rose
Catering Tony Page
Wedding Planner Angela Mungai
Music Muzika
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